About Carilion Clinic Foundation

Every gift makes a difference for current and future patients of Carilion Clinic.

Philanthropy's impact on just one patient's life is immeasurable; last year more than 1 million patients came through our doors.

Your gift will allow us to constantly build on our commitment to innovation; provide the means for sophisticated technology and world-class facilities; and help us deliver the highest-quality healthcare to more patients in more places.

To keep advancing, we need your support — because the help you give now will make a difference in the care we give in the future.

Our Board of Directors

  • Warner Dalhouse, Chair
  • George B. Cartledge, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Nancy Howell Agee
  • Robert G. Bennett
  • Abney S. Boxley, III
  • Nicholas C. Conte
  • H.E. Derrick
  • Robert Fralin
  • James A. Hartley
  • David Herrick
  • Shirley Holland
  • Billy Kingery
  • Vernice Law
  • Cynthia Lawrence
  • Minnis E. Ridenour
  • J. David Wine

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