Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the Carilion Clinic Foundation?

The Carilion Clinic Foundation establishes and maintains relationships that generate philanthropic support to enhance Carilion Clinic’s ability to provide excellence in health care. The focus of the Foundation is to provide resources for Carilion Clinic for equipment, programs and services that otherwise would not be possible.

How is the Foundation organized?

A Board of Directors comprised of business leaders, community volunteers and employees governs the Foundation. It shares some board members with Carilion Clinic's Board. The Foundation is a separate organization with a separate focus and is a not-for-profit organization, 501(c)3, section 509(a)3 as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Why is the Foundation important?

In 2006, Carilion Health System became Carilion Clinic to provide more coordinated and cost-effective care while maintaining its history of excellence. Carilion Clinic provides a comprehensive range of specialties through the development of this integrated physician organization.

United by a common set of values, the focus is truly on patients - from access to diagnosis to timely treatment. This comes with a hefty price tag. Furthermore, hospitals today often receive less reimbursement from insurance companies and the government than what it costs to provide the service. This reduction in payment costs hospitals billions of dollars each year. At the same time, the costs of labor, medications and technology are increasing.

The Foundation is committed to finding ways to promote our patients' good health and to enhance the patients' experience beyond their clinical care.

How will the Foundation raise money for Carilion Clinic?

The Foundation is interested in building friendships and establishing partnerships within the community to support Clinic initiatives.

Where will the money go?

Every gift to the Foundation directly influences patient care, clinical research or medical education at Carilion Clinic. Donors may designate specific Clinic initiatives or programs they wish to support. All contributors to the Carilion Clinic Foundation shape the future of healthcare for our region.