Doug Call

Doug Call

Donors Making a Difference

Doug Call knows what it’s like to be in physical pain, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have to live their life that way simply because they have no way to pay for medical care. That’s one reason he supports the Carilion Clinic Foundation.

“I was in constant pain,” he explains. “My hip was completely worn out, forcing me to walk with a limp and preventing me from enjoying the activities I love, including fly fishing, hiking and golf. I needed a hip replacement to alleviate the pain, resume the lifestyle I enjoy, and continue to improve my health through physical activity."

For the hip-replacement surgery, Doug turned to Dr. Joseph Moskal, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon with Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics.

“I’ve known Dr. Moskal for 25 years,” Doug explains. “Through my work as a prosthetist, I’ve seen some of the patients he’s treated and the quality of his work. Like his fellow Carilion orthopedic surgeons, he’s very skilled at what he does, dedicated to his patients, and utilizes the latest joint-replacement technology to achieve the best results possible.”

“Dr. Moskal is one of the reasons I support the Carilion Clinic Foundation,” Doug adds. “I think it’s an excellent way to recognize both his talent and commitment to patients, and express my appreciation and respect for him while providing opportunities for others less fortunate than me to benefit from life-changing medical care.”

Doug said he’s seen firsthand the importance of medical research in orthopedics, and that it’s another reason he supports the Foundation. His contributions help fund research and continuing education for medical professionals – both of which are essential for driving continued advancements in medicine.

While Doug’s surgery was a success and he’s even more active now than he was before the hip replacement, he knows that there are others less fortunate than him. He’s working on changing that.

“I don’t want anyone else to live in pain and not be able to enjoy their life simply because they can’t afford medical care,” Doug says. “That’s why I support the Carilion Clinic Foundation – because I know it’s making a difference by changing lives.”